10 thoughts on “The Making of Alphabet Connection

  1. Indran Singh

    Hey dude, loved the game and loved the work you put in….. Congrats and well done…..
    Really proud of you……

  2. Tango

    Great going, keep on it and be patient. You got a nice idea cooking there. Apps take time but they go a long way. The game is perfect in its first version itself.

  3. Hasina Choudhary

    Hi Karan,
    Its excellent game-congratulation for such a great job man-can u believe this -its 2am and Anam and myself are playing this on her ipad

    Love Hasina Masi

    1. karanvasudeva Post author

      Thank you Masi! I’m so thrilled to read a comment from you! Very glad you’re enjoying it and hope to see you soon.

      Love, Karan

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