Going HTML5 with Number Connect

While we love using native apps and developing native apps, it is becoming plain that expanding into other platforms besides iOS is going to be critical to our survival in the indie ecosystem. My friends think so. A recent Vision Mobile survey thinks so, too.


As such I have recently invested into a short stack of thick Javascript books and spent a month (or was it two) porting Alphabet Connection to an HTML5 game engine from Tresensa. It was surprisingly fun, given that browser support for development tools is at an all-time high, and Javascript being an interpreted (‘scripting’) language.

The game should soon be out on various HTML5 portals and devices, but here’s a preview you can play immediately.

If you happen to like it, or don’t happen to like it, or it set your phone on fire, or you caught it taunting your pets, etc., tell me all at karan@noisytyping.com.