Crypto Cross dev diary: making crossword puzzles

Our first game Alphabet Connection had auto-generated levels, so we were able to offer level packs with hundreds of levels. No such luck with Crypto Cross: the clues at least have to be written by hand (which is a silly expression by the way; ‘by head’ is nearer the mark than ‘by hand’).

This post is a quick report on the evolution of our level-making process for Crypto Cross: how we went from pen and paper to a custom-built iPad app.

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Freemium Regret on the App Store

We recently launched our first iPhone game. (We also made a web-comic about it!)

It’s a free game with IAP for additional levels and hints. First day downloads were 2784; a pleasant surprise, as we were expecting 200-400. After five days, we had 6879 unique users according to Flurry analytics, with 36011 sessions in all.

That sounds good, right? We’re printing money? Not really. We’ve only made $124 so far. That’s about 1.8 cents per download.
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